About The Ludicrous Lab Book

The creator of this blog is many things, but a good writer she is not. This is her first attempt at mass written communication. She will be asking her mother to correct her English and will not be telling any colleagues about this site till it has been proof-read by trusted friends first. Then there may be room for some peer-reviews.

This site's main focus will be on science-related blogs, vlogs and photos. The aim isn't to produce ground-breaking, award winning articles  but rather to spark a general interest in science and research for non-scientists.

There may also be some random blogs on things the creator likes.

About the Creator

She is a scientist, working in the very broad field of biology, more specifically in the exciting yet slightly (or very) disturbing field of parasitology. For her job she travels to various sub-Saharan African countries. For her family she travels to various European countries. For her pleasure she travels wherever opportunity and spontaneity take her.

She likes bread-baking, cycling, orchids, gardens, her family and the sea.

This is her cat.